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Why Pakistan

Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products in Asia. It is the 4th largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of cotton. It comprises 46% of the total manufacturing sector and provides employment to 40% of the total labor force. 5% of the total textile companies are listed on the stock exchange.


The industry sustains directly, livelihood of 210,000 skilled workers and their families: 490,000 unskilled workers and their kith and kin. Another 350,000 people benefit in allied cottage industries. Thus the industry provides directly and indirectly sustenance to well over a million people.
Despite being a labor intensive industry, the investment in the knitwear and hosiery units is estimated at Rs. Seven Billion and tops the list of industries for value added exports ranking as the second largest foreign exchange earner in the Country.

Made In Pakistan

We, the value-added sector, especially the knitwear (sportswear) people are the real entrepreneurs working real hard and have succeeded in making knitted garments with the label “Made in Pakistan” which is today found in all the best stores in the world of which we the knitwear industry is proud of.

Knitwear Exports

Data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed that the exports of knitwear edged up 35.21pc in value but dipped 0.73pc in quantity. Bedwear exports grew 19.04pc in value and 20.24pc in quantity. Export of knitted garments during July to January 2021-2022, i.e. first 7 months of the financial year 2021-22 was US$ 2.887 billion as compared with US$ 2.175 million during the same period last year, showing an increase of 32.76.

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